Masicka Shoot Shots At Nicki Minaj In New Track “Charged” Listen

Nicki Minaj and Masicka

Masicka wants some of Nicki Minaj.

Masicka dropped one for his fans today, “Charged,” where he shoots his shots at Nicki Minaj. The Genahsyde Boss has been consistent in the summer season, giving us constant new music, and this particular one “Charge” does not disappoint. He talks about his rise to success and the relentless nature in which he attacked the business. “Charge” is all about the high life and motivation for the youngsters to go get it. Bang, this track on your car sound system this summer and stay charged.

“Me feel charged hey / Feel like me would a f*** Nicki Minaj hey / Gi we a round of applause hey / From we start we no pause gal a take off dem draws,” the deejay spits.

Masicka has been using the theme of prosperity recently in his music, and honestly, it’s a good look. Straying from his more hardcore gun tune foundation, the Genahsyde artiste has honed his skills well, making him a more complete artiste.

“Mi a die wid mi pride, do mi owns ting mi nuh ride wid di tide.” Check it out Asap, CHARGE!