Dancehall Artiste Mr. Vegas Finally Graduates High School At Age 44

It’s never too late to get your high school diploma.

Mr. Vegas has graduated high school, at age 44, almost three decades after dropping out of secondary school at grade nine, the Heads High artiste has announced. In a social media post which he shared on Facebook and Instagram on Thursday, Mr. Vegas revealed that he had attained his General Education Development (GED) high school diploma, which certifies that he has met North American high school-level academic skills.

“Look who received his high school GED Diploma. It’s just the beginning!” MV noted under the video.

“My mother told me some things before she left this earth. She said it’s never too late for a shower of rain. She also said, ‘show me your company, and I tell you who you are. Now I did not graduate high school, I dropped out at the start of ninth grade. I did not have a high school diploma. I didn’t have such luxury of receiving one. At the start of this year, I set out to achieve some goals. One of my goals was to get my high school diploma,” Vegas said, as he held up the document to the camera showing his name printed in capital letters, Clifford R. Smith.

“It took me three months to condense certain academics that some people may take four to five years to learn, so it was a lot of studying, a lot of hard work a lot of … applying self to achieve such goals,” he added.

Vegas did not give details as to what caused him to drop out of high school, but his fans are not interested in inquiring about those details but sought to laud him for making the move. Some like aynesley had words of encouragement for the artiste, with whom he said he shared a similar history and encouraged him to move to the next tier of the education system.

“Yes so proud of you! Keep going – higher education is a beautiful thing. Enroll in college courses that interest you, maybe check out a community college or online options (since you are busy). Not because you need the earning potential of a college degree, but because knowledge is power! I too dropped out of high school and got my GED, now 18 years later last May I graduated with my bachelor’s in science with highest honors, and will earn my Master’s degree next year. It’s never too late to be the best version of yourself,” he told the artiste.

Mr. Vegas was one of the stellar and unique sounds to emerge in dancehall in at the turn of the millennium. His very catchy 1998 single Heads High, and Hot Gyal Today, a collab with Sean Paul in 2001, dominated the charts for months and gained him global popularity.