Shenseea Reveals Her Voice Recovers But Still Having Major Problems

Shenseea music

Shenseea has recovered her voice in St. Lucia. For now, it seems since she is still having major issues.

The 22-year-old screeched: “B*tchhh, my voice is coming back. Listen, listen, listen,” in making her announcement in the first of a series of short video clips on Instagram, which she captioned “BBC me excited!! FINALLY.” She said she had developed vocal cord nodules, also called ‘Singers nodules.’ These are small hard swellings, which occur as a result of excessive friction and improper use of the voice, such as screaming and shouting.

Shenseea sought to explain some of the other causes and symptoms she said were at the root of her vocal cord illness which rendered her unable to perform at several pre-booked shows, since April.

“So sometimes the sound is not good, which cause me to strain my voice a lot. And sometimes the place is filled with a lot of smoke which dries out my throat whenever I am performing,” she clarified. “As for those askin’ how my voice can go and come so, remember I have nodules now, so I have to take care of it now, ‘cause I don’t want to do surgery on it,” she added.

She also attributed her throat issue to a lack of sleep and fatigue. “I am always on the move, so I hardly get rest. Come to think of it got a good sleep last night, so I guess that is why it is up and running right now,” she said.

Earlier this year, Shenseea announced that her management had to cancel several shows including gigs in London and Birmingham, due to vocal cord trauma. She had also said she had not been able to record any songs in a four-week period as she had over-used her voice, resulting in it failing her at times. ShenYeng also said if she did not rest her voice, she could destroy her voice box and lose her voice entirely.

“If I push too hard, it is gonna go back to Square One, so I am just going to take it easy until tonight’s show. But St. Lucians roll out, I am coming, Pigeon Island,” she said.

Vocalists are said to be particularly susceptible to vocal cord trauma, tumors, and polyps if the voice is not being used with the correct technique or if there is vocal burnout. But this morning the recovering artiste posted a photo, of herself, taken at the Royalton St. Lucia clad in caution gear and seemingly ready for the road.

“Bout to go stop traffic,” she captioned the photo.