Blak Ryno Says There Is A Hit On His Head “I Am Not A Mad Man”

Blak Ryno

Blak Ryno says there is a hit on his head and no he is not mentally insane.

Former Gaza Empire deejay Blak Ryno says contrary to what some persons within the entertainment fraternity have been claiming; he is not a mad man. The dancehall star posted a video on IG on Tuesday ranting about some recent unfortunate experiences he had in the industry. One of those incidents involves a phone call he received about a possible hit on his head and another person who is spreading false rumors claiming that the deejay is a mad man.

“Me have a short matter weh me want address. Me jus see a video weh Paul Platinum Kids post. Of course, me offended because whatever it is, mi approach you privately in a yo DM fi sort out di matter, because eventually mi don’t even approach you no rude way; mi ask you one question because things a gwaan weh mi naw talk, and the public no know. An mi naw try bring it publicly eeda,” Ryno said as he strode along a sidewalk while recording his message.

“But now since as you a go tell di public say mi crazy and mi have mental illness and all dese tings, Ni**a mi no mentally ill enuh; mi no mentally ill. Is jus di whole music industry a been playing games paa mi ova along, an mi no wrong fi know mi worth,” he declared.

Ryno then jumped to another topic, asserting that he was placed on a hit-list last year.

“Yes, mi get a phone call last year say money pay pon mi head and di ni**a weh call mi, call mi a cry eyewater, tears a drop. And di ni**a say him get di money and mash up and him no know weh fi do becaw him neva know say a me fi drop until him get di money,” he said.

This is the second time since the start of the year that Ryno has come out to dispel what he says are rumors which are being spread about him.

In May, he told The Star that he was totally fed up about “with all the rumors” that had been circulating about him over the years, particularly the more recent one at the time which was that he had died. He had even penned and recorded a song titled “Rumours” at the time.

“Over the years people have always been saying these negative things about me,” the artiste told the tabloid at the time. “Last year, they said that I had cancer, before that it was something else…,” he said.