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Diddy Confirms He Is In Talks With MTV To Bring ‘Making The Band’ Back


The internet may have convinced Diddy to revive the legendary reality show Making the Band.

A tweet from a DC-based DJ sparked a conversation that involved celebs like Wale and even actor Seth Rogen about making the original seasons available on streaming platforms. The string of tweets eventually led to MTV asking Diddy to bring back the series. Back in April, DJ Heat tweeted “I need Hulu or Netflix to give us all of the Diddy Making the Band seasons. Lol” to which DC rapper Wale replied “Please @Diddy. The nostalgia .. we need it.”

Movie star Seth Rogen, who will be playing the part of Pumba in the upcoming Disney live-action Lion King adaptation, replied with an iconic moment in Making the Band history, saying “I just wanna see Dylon spit hot fire.”

Dylon was a castmember of Making the Band 2, season 1, who eventually became a member of DaBand.

It took Diddy a while to notice the tweets, as he didn’t respond until Monday afternoon. “@MTV called me about bringing it back, should I? #IWantMyMTB,” the Bad Boy executive tweeted.

Wale replied, “The turnover time is epic. But yes. Brother love .. we would like making the band back.”

Once MTV saw the social media buzz, the Viacom station joined the conversation
tweeting that they need Diddy to bring back the show. But being the businessman that
he is, Diddy responded and asked did MTV have “a big enough bag” to pay him?

Diddy continued to ask social media their opinions about reviving the show, tweeting
Tuesday afternoon that he was “on the fence about bringing back this show.”
Making the Band aired on MTV back in 2000 and ran for nine years after producing 12
seasons. The music competition show did several nationwide talent searches in order to
put together a music group. From it came the acts O-Town, DaBand, Day 26, Danity
Kane and Donnie Klang.

The original show was ran by Lou Pearlman, the man responsible for Backstreet Boys
and NSYNC. Diddy took over the second iteration of the show, Making the Band 2, in
2002. The series continued all the way through Making the Band 4.