Dancehall Artiste Mr. Lexx Blast Cheap DJs For Not Buying Songs

Mr Lexx Buju

Mr. Lexx has had enough of cheap disc jockeys asking him for his songs.

Mr. Lexx issued a stern rebuke to all cheapskate sound system selectors and disc jockeys, whom he says do not buy his music but are instead hounding him to provide it to them for free. The deejay made his frustration known in an Instagram post earlier today when he vented in a minute-long video message to the misers. The annoyance was evident on his face as the artiste kept frowning while delivering his rebuke about their parsimony.

“Yow, respect an honor to all sound owna and to all disc jockey and all DJ,” Lexx said. ” But hear wha; mi no too want no man a hit mi up bout ‘Deejay, sen mi da song deh’. Yow listen, di whole a mi song dem deh pon iTune, you hear mi Dadda? A mean, spen $1.99 pon mi no man.”

“Man a hit mi up bout, ‘sen mi da song deh’; yow bredda, naw dis n man, mi naw violate no man, but a $1.99 fi di chune dem pon iTunes, you hear? You suppose to can spend dat pon mi Dadda. A weh a man a seh? Mannaz an respect,” Mr. Lexx ended.

He was cheered on by female deejay Macka Diamond who expressed her agreement. “Same so, manners and respect,” she posted. His fans though, had divergent views on the matter. Some, like Starboi68 and simsimma876 gave the artiste the thumbs up for his stance on the matter.

“Real talk bro same so it goes spend some money,” Starboi68 posted, while simsimma876 piped up: “Indeed! And it’s their profession? Dem must invest in dem career by purchasing the music geez!”

But on the other hand, razzattack876 argued that the sound system selectors were vital in terms of marketing and promoting the songs and ought to be facilitated, as the benefits of giving them the songs for free, far outweigh the costs.

“On the flip side … selectors play a big part in promoting the songs to make them hits. $1.99 is small because we just talking about one song here, but every week there is 100 new songs to get. If selectors have to buy every song they are only going to buy the songs that hit already. So new tune segment a go mash up. Clearly u can’t give every selector, but I think u should give the ones that reach out and the ones u think can buss the music…… just my thought from the selector’s point of view,” he said