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Tyga Pays Homage To Lil Wayne In “Lightskin Lil Wayne” Video

Tyga Lightskin Lil Wayne

Tyga says he is the “Lightskin Lil Wayne.”

The Compton rapper has just dropped one of the illest musical tributes I’ve seen. The tribute itself was more in the direction of the video than the lyrics though. Tyga recreated parts of Lil Wayne‘s classic “A Milli” video, the famous scenes of Wayne going in and out of trailers and getting ready are 95% replicas.

He even walked like the New Orleans rapper, well done. He started the video with an infographic which read ” Tribute to the GOAT.”

Perhaps due to its likeness to such an iconic video, the cut is already trending on YouTube. Perfect for the Rack City rapper who’s comeback began last year with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The song itself is Tyga to the T. Explicit lyrics depicting the exquisite lifestyle we all dream of living. Then comes the hook anchored by “I’m the new light skin Lil Wayne.” A statement of intent from Tyga?

As we know Lil Wayne had hip hop in a chokehold for several years. If Tyga accomplishes half of that, it would be a great success since Wayne is one of the top five in hip hop. Good song, great video, and a Lil Wayne tribute, it’s an eyeful!