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Trey Songz Barks At Fans Who Asked About Identity Of Son’s Mother

Trey Songz baby Noah

Trey Songz is not ready to answer any questions about the identity of his son Noah’s mother.

It’s not a secret that Trey Songz is a father, but it’s a big secret who is son’s mom is, and it appears it will stay that way for a long time. Some celebrities are notorious for keeping some aspects of their lives a secret. For example, we still haven’t seen a good photo of Beyonce and JAY-Z’s twin Sir and Rumi. We also had no idea that Trigga was going to be a father until he dropped the adorable photos of his baby boy Noah on Instagram in May.

The R&B singer posted a new photo of his baby boy Noah on IG on Monday. One of his followers left a comment on the post that reads, “This baby must look like the mother.” Trey Songz barked back with a savage clap back saying, “and you must look like yo daddy.”

As if that wasn’t enough, another fan commented asking where is Noah’s mother. “Who is Noah’s mom.. we need a talk.” It appears the female fan was being funny with that comment, but Trey Songz was clearly already in a bad mood. “Noah’s mom and you don’t have sh*t to talk about. And the rest of y’ all either mind ya f***in business,” the singer responded.

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Noah L. 4/20/19

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Trey Song was perhaps feeling a bit tired from being wakened up all night and changing diapers, or maybe he was feeling a little extra protective of his privacy. However, some fans think that he was a bit overboard with his clap back, while others think that he was justified.

“Why he so mad she’s saying the baby don’t look like you. Big deal! The way your career looking lately he should be more nice,” one fan wrote while another added, “He need to chill cause nobody and i mean nobody was asking about Trey till he started posting baby pics without a mother… now u want people to mind their business?”