Chronic Law “The Dancehall Factory”

Chronic Law is one of the hardest working new wave artists in the game right now, and his work ethic is paying off.

Since his entry into the music scene, he has been known for potent lyrics and unique perspectives. Chronic Law, who is a member of the 6ixx, has taken the dancehall world by storm since 2018 and hasn’t looked back since. This year is proving to be the best year of his career, and last year was good.

His ascendancy is directly correlated to the rise of Squash and the 6ixx movement, which is the newest sensation in dancehall music.

A lyrical mastermind, he always has fans in a state of disbelief by merely finding similes never used before. His style seems almost refreshing to the ears of dancehall fans. I, for one welcome this as artists like Chronic Law, are essential to the evolution of the genre.

Hits like “Hillside,” “Cyah Kill Wi,” “Style,” “Bless Mi,” and “Sportmode,” helped the ST. Thomas artiste becomes a household name in Jamaica as well as an ever-expanding global fanbase. What really sets him apart from the rest of the new wave of dancehall acts is the frequency at which he releases his songs, something that is also a requirement to make it as a dancehall act.

Halfway into 2019, Chronic Law already has 30 plus songs premiered on his Vevo channel. That sounds like at least five songs per month. The big question now is, can he keep going at this pace or will he fall off? Can anyone catch up to him?

We look forward to seeing his development and how he progresses into his second year of prominence. Keep it up Law Boss’.