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50 Cent Says Young Buck & Lil Nas X Got A Collabo Dropping Thursday

50 Cent and Lil Nas X

50 Cent claims that Young Buck and Lil Nas X got a collaboration dropping on July 4th.

It’s hard to tell when 50 Cent is trolling or being serious. We do know that Fif has been trolling his G-Unit artist Young Buck relentlessly for weeks upon weeks. We also know that his main point of attack on Buck is that he is “allegedly gay and or bisexual.” Lil Nas X shocked the entire hip hop community on Sunday when he came out on the last day of pride month.

Fifty is back on his old shenanigans on Instagram with Buck being his first target of the week. Not only did he claimed that the G-Unit spitter took part in a gay parade in Nashville last weekend, but he also claimed that Buck and Nas X got a collaboration dropping this weekend titled “Out Of The Barn.”

“Check this out, I’m not making anything up his New hit single OUT OF THE BARN ft little Nas X premiers July 4th,” 50 wrote while adding in another post, “Buck out the closet, I’m in full support of his decision to embrace his sexuality publicly and I’m looking forward to being paid my Money by Monday.

Sometimes when we think that 50 Cent is trolling, he is actually speaking facts. However, given that Young Buck is one of his favorite targets, it’s hard to tell if he is being serious or this is just another episode of his weekly troll fest. The only difference this time around is that Lil Nas X name is being mentioned.

Here is what 50 Cent posted.