MVP: Alkaline, Mavado & Jahmiel Links On New Single “Jealousy”

Mavado Jahmiel and Alkaline

Alkaline, Mavado, and Jahmiel drop off a new collaboration, “Jealousy.”

It’s an MVP linkup with all three members of the crew linking up for a new dancehall banger. The track, “Jealousy,” marks the first time the Alkaline, Mavado, and Jahmiel are featured on the same track. Each member have collaborated with one other member in the past without, but hearing all three of them together on the same single is refreshing. The New Era Productions-produced single say the dancehall trio taking shots at people who portrayed “badmind and jealousy” in the industry.

“Me haffi seh congrats to meself caa me did it / A nuh dream me a dream me a live it / Me neva have nothin either coulda be a underachiever / Never doubt myself fi a minute / Dis a one boy dutty heart couldn’t predict,” Alkaline spits.

In case your unfamiliar with the term “MVP” in dancehall, it really means “Mavado, Vendetta, Patriotz.” Alkaline crew is called Vendetta, and Jahmiel is behind Patriotz. Some fans also referred to the trio as dancehall’s “most valuable players.”

Listen to their new track below.