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Rapper Kyyngg Brother Responds To Accusations He Shot His Own Brother

Rapper Kyyngg

Rapper Kyyngg is out the hospital, but his brother is now forced to respond to accusations that he shot his own brother in a domestic dispute.

Initial reports suggest that the New Orleans rapper was shot during an attempted robbery incident on June 21. The shooting incident took placed moments after he was released from jail. The following day, Kyyngg, 23, posted a video on his official Instagram account, confirming that he was the rapper who was shot and taken to the hospital.

Luckily for him, his gunshot wounds were none life-threatening. He revealed in the video that it was an attempted robbery and that the assailants didn’t of value. There is now a plot twist to the saga. Additional reports have surfaced this week claiming that the rapper was shot by his own brother who he got into an altercation with at his apartment.

Kyyngg’s brother has since posted a video addressing the rumors. While he didn’t explicitly state that he was not the one who shot Kyyngg, the up-and-coming rapper did call out folks who are snitching in the comments.

The New Orleans police department is actively investigating the shooting and is currently looking for a suspect in the case. At the time of this publication, no arrest was made.

Kyyngg posted a video of himself leaving the hospital yesterday, while telling his fans that he got two shots in his legs. “IM WALKING LIKE I JUST DIDNT GET SHOT IN MY LEG 2 TIMES IM TORE UP… BUT SAY @nopdnews I NEED THAT CHAIN & THAT ROLLIE BACK. #FREEDRAKO,” he wrote.