Squash ‘6ixx Boss’ Dancehall Deejay Gets Apology From Internet Gangsters

Squash 6ixx

Squash became the subject of a horrible prank that could’ve ended badly.

The dancehall star dealt with the situation very well, but things could’ve easily gone south had it been other artists. Three youngsters, who threatened to murder Squash in an Instagram video, are now apologizing profusely after receiving a severe backlash on social media. In their latest video of apology, one of the three, with what appears to be a blanket over his head, claimed the controversial initial video in which they threatened to shoot the artiste, was done in jest and only went viral after a friend of theirs uploaded it to the social media platform.

“Yow, Squash, weh yuh deh pon?'” one of the seemingly scared youngster said. “We deh yah man, yaa we general same way. We a di youth dem weh did put up di video. We nuh mean nutten, we general, yuh zimmi. Fi yuh songs a dem we listen to every day, every time, every minute.”

Another one of the men added that they were just making a funny video and meant no harm, but the message was taken very seriously and rightfully, so given the current climate in Jamaica. Squash posted the apology video on his Instagram Story over the weekend. In the short clip, you can see the two men covering under a sheet to hide their identity, recording the apology in hushed tones.

The video of apology emerged about an hour after the initial threatening video appeared on Facebook with the three, declaring in no uncertain terms that had Squash pirated the ‘6ix’ slang and they would soon put an end to the artist’s life.

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“Aye bwoy, weh a call yourself 6ix, a we a di real 6ix, a we run G-City. Man a go come murder yuh, enuh dawg,” one of the youngsters had said in the video, as he pointed to another of his friends, who supposedly was the one carrying the weapon.

The three men then demanded one million dollars cash or else they will act upon their threat to hurt Squash. However, the dancehall deejay was not amused and seemingly reacted to the video in a short message on his Instagram with a picture of himself and his son.

“See who me pay mind to yah, my little ones,” Squash wrote. “So all a who a look attention from ova yah so, unno nah go get none.”

Squash and other members of his 6ixx crew are getting ready to close Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night next month. The highly anticipated performance will be his first on the big stage in his hometown. The dancehall star was released from jail in December last year after being detained for six months during the State of Emergency imposed on St. James.