Alkaline and Black Shadow Wants The Girls Who “Fulla Vibez”


Alkaline sent in his first application to control the summer with his new song “Fulla Vibes.”

Never flooding the market the Vendetta deejay tends to pick his moments. Seemingly the beginning of the summer is one of them. This song is strictly for the ladies, it is advocating for liberal women and firmly criticizes there more boring counterparts. He discusses what it takes for a girl to “hold him” (fall in love) both literally and figuratively in a great piece. Quoting the vendetta deejay “Mi nuh wah nuh gyal weh boring, that’s not me!”

Alkaline has been relatively quiet this year with only a handful of new releases. The Vendetta deejay is known for dropping quality over quantity, but given the current dancehall climate, it could be time to start dropping more frequently.

Check out the new heat “Fulla Vibez” below.