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Nicki Minaj Went Full Decepticon In New Song “Megatron”

Nicki Minaj aka Megatron

Nicki Minaj unleashed all her fury and went full-on Decepticon in her highly anticipated new song “Megatron.”

Nicki Minaj has been teasing the new track for the past two weeks, and now the wait is over. The track reminded us why she would go down in history as one of the greatest female rappers of all-time. “Megatron” marks the first solo song by Nicki this year after and it arrives after her last album, Queen, was met with lukewarm reception which caused her to lash out at Travis Scott who held her off last summer for the number one spot on Billboard 200 chart.

The Trinidadian rapper has been the leading female rapper in the game for years until the recent rise of artists like Cardi B, and some new female up-and-coming acts like Meg Thee Stallion who is putting in work and making a name for herself. The game still sees Nicki Minaj as a massive force in hip hop, but recently she has been plagued by reports that she is stopping other rappers bags. We saw Remy Ma attacking her over it, and then we saw Cardi B gets into a physical fight with her over similar claims.

Nicki Minaj has not yet announced her new album, but the rumors are floating around since she started teasing “Megatron” two weeks. Her Queen album is almost a year old and her fans, aka Barbz, are hungry for new music.