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Rapper JayDaYoungan Take Shots At NBA Youngboy For Rejecting Collab

NBA YoungBoy

Rapper JayDaYoungan is still feeling salty over NBA Youngboy rejecting his request for a collaboration.

Last month, YoungBoy Never Broke Again told JayDaYoungan no thanks, but in more explicit terms, when he requested that the two do a collaboration. Jay, who had already recorded the song, is now responding and NBA fans are asking why is he now when the rapper is incarcerated. The Baton Rouge rapper told him to delete the song after it surfaced online. “Delete this s**t ion know how tf you even got my song ion f**k around like that,” YoungBoy said.

JayDaYoungan is now responding after three weeks. “Your momma got that sh*t you stupid a** b*tch,” Jay said on his Instagram Live. “Your grandma and your daddy they got that sh*t, they pass it down and you got that sh*t too. I don’t give a f**k about that song, f**k that song. If a n***a don’t f**k with me, I don’t f**k with a n***a. F*** him and f*** everybody that f*** with him.”

NBA YoungBoy fans are clapping back saying that JayDaYoungan is only now responding because the rapper is in jail.

NBA YoungBoy will remain behind bars at least until his next court hearing which is set for June 21. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you will get a response from him before that time.