Fan Asked Spice About Her Kids And Quickly Regretted It


Spice has zero tolerance to anyone who wants to come for her kids.

When it comes to most celebrities, their kids are always off limits, and I agree with that rule. Say whatever you want about the celebrity you follow, but leave their kids out of it unless you see them abusing their little ones then that’s different. One female fan asked Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice about her kids and quickly regretted it.

Spice posted a video of herself shopping at a high-end store in Atlanta on Instagram. One of her followers asked, “Where yo kids at tho.”

“At this point of the video they were at School where they belong, now run on back to your Kennel where you belong,” the dancehall diva responded. The “Sheets” deejay later posted the exchange on her Instagram feed where she exposed the fan and explained why she reacted so harshly.

“Let me tell y’all this, I hear every thing you say about me and it never faze me, but NEVER, EVER, EVER EVER say sh*t about my kids PERIODTTTTT,” she wrote. “Don’t worry about them either, they are VERY WELL TAKEN CARE OF BY ME, AND ‘ONLY ME.’ So when you see me on my grind, don’t f***ing question me about my sh*t.

She continues, “IF MY KIDS ASK FOR A PIN, THEY GET AN ANCHOR. Tell this slippery, slimy, slutful substance, that was accidentally hatched out by a contaminated cockroach don’t f*** with me tonight worst mi have man problem.”