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Kanye West Diss J. Cole On Leaked Version Of “What Would Meek Do?

J Cole Kanye West beef

Kanye West wasn’t going to let J. Cole slide with his “False Prophets” diss.

A leaked version of Pusha T’s song “What Would Meek Do?” is making the rounds online. It features a verse from Kanye West where he clapped back at J. Cole. The original track is featured on G.O.O.D. Music rapper Pusha T‘s album Daytona. It appears that in the end, Pusha decided to take off Kanye’s verse. Perhaps he didn’t want any smoke from the Dreamville leader who is arguably one of the most lyrical rappers in the game right now.

In the unreleased verse, Kanye raps, “I am the Don of Vuitton / I am the Sean of Sean John /That’s the boss, ni**a / You heard Cole on that song, he was tryna hate.”

While Kanye West didn’t say which J. Cole song he was referring to, we should point out that the North Carolina rapper raised some eyebrows when he released “False Prophets” in 2016. A lot of us felt that he was dissing Kanye West, who was going through his regular outbreaks on social media at the time. “He’s fallin’ apart, but we deny it / Justifying that half-ass sh*t he dropped, we always buy it,” Cole raps.

J. Cole later revealed in an interview with Angie Martinez that the song wasn’t a Kanye West diss track, but he could easily see how some of the lyrics would apply to the G.O.O.D. Music rapper. He revealed that he also checked himself on the song as well, but the broader point he was making in the song applies to Kanye.

It’s unclear why Ye’s verse was eventually removed from the final version of the song or if it was intended to be a remix, but it sure is ruffling some feathers inside hip hop circles after leaking online. Listen to “False Prophets” below.