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Meek Mill Plots Legal Action Against Las Vegas Hotel Over Tense Racist Incident

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is plotting to take legal action against Las Vegas hotel Cosmopolitan after a highly tense racial incident.

The Philly rapper offloads on Twitter yesterday after he and his crew got turned away from the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas. Meek Mill shared a video from the heated conversation between him and hotel staffs who told him to get off the property. The incident sparked widespread outcry among hip hop fans and other stakeholders in the culture as Meek calls for an all-out cultural ban of the hotel chain.

“If you come from our culture you should never step foot in the cosmopolitan hotel they just really racist as hell, something really has to be done in Las Vegas what they doing to black people!” Meek tweeted.

Meek Mill and JAY-Z

Meek Mill’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, says that the Cosmopolitan hotel maintains a list with names of rappers that are banned from the property for no apparent reasons other than the color of their skin and the culture they represent. He said that violates state and federal laws and plans to sue if they don’t issue a prompt apology to Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams.

“Such course of conduct constitutes discrimination per se, in violation of state and federal law, and exposes you to significant monetary damages,” Tacopina told TMZ.

Here is the tense video that show Meek Mill and the hotel representatives in a tense and heated conversation. The issue is proving to be some bad press for the famous hotel.