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Future Blast Fans Who Criticized His Rolex Birthday Gift To Son Baby Future


Future says no one should tell him what to buy for his son’s birthday, and I agree with him.

The Freebandz rapper got roasted on Twitter last weekend for buying his son, Baby Future, an expensive Rolex watch for his fifth birthday. Some social media trolls suggested that the wealthy rapper should’ve bought his son a watch from Ben10 or some other cool toys. While there were a lot of folks trashing his gift ideas for a 5-year-old, a lot of his fans were in support of his decision. The bottom line is, as long as you’re not abusing your child, no one should tell you how to parent them much less what gift to give them for their birthday.

“How much u get paid a week for telling your business to social media?” Future asked on Twitter. “These blogs should put y’ all on payroll. Working for free all day is slavery.”

The Atlanta rapper challenged his critics to uplift each other rather than being online, tearing down others. “Let’s focus on uplifting each other for free of charge if u really want to make a difference.. keep them bad vibes to yourself,” he continues. “Love yourself 1st and be able to live with every decision u make with no excuses.”