Jahmiel Drops Off Visuals For His Greatman Single “Treasure”

Jahmiel Treasure

Jahmiel found his “Treasure.”

The Patriotz leader always graces us with some dope music and some well put together music videos. Last weekend he dropped off the visuals for his single “Treasure” off his new album Greatman. The track was produced by Chimney Records, who has been working closely with the MVP camp for the past few years.

The RD Studios-directed cut features Jahmiel and his ride or die girlfriend hanging out inside his beachfront mansion. After they went inside, three men heavily armed men came up on a boat to rob and killed the singer, but they were in for a surprise when he and his girlfriend started shooting at them. In the end, all three gunmen were killed and their bodies placed in the boat that Jahmiel then pushed back out into the ocean.

Watch the cinematic video below.