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Boosie Badazz Got Female Fans Stripping Down On Instagram Live While Kids Watch

Boosie Badazz
Boosie Badazz

Boosie is a real Badazz for real.

Just in case you see Boosie Badazz trending on Twitter today and wondering what did he do now, this is precisely the reason why. The Banton Rouge rapper went on his Instagram Live last night and asked women to join him and stripe down and a couple of them did. In one portion of the live session, Boosie was getting his hair cut and a woman was driving and got connected to his live. The live turned upside down when the female flashed her boobs on his live with thousands of fans connected including kids. She also got a tattoo of his name on her chest.

His first attempt did not go so well after a young boy accidentally got connected to his IG Live. “Am going live with Lil Boosie,” the kid said while Boosie responded, “Oh that’s a kid oh my f***ing God. You gotta block the little kids I got too much sh*t going on in my life.”

The Louisiana rapper then quickly disconnected the kid from his live and asked where are the women at. By that time it was pretty clear that kids were on his live watching everything that was unfolding.

Twitter has been reacting to what unfolded on the Gram last night and while some fans are shocked, others are calling out the rapper for promoting nudity on social media.