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T-Pain Rips Man Who Claimed He Let His Brother Died Because Of Money

T-Pain fired back at a man who claimed that he let his brother died because of money.

The singer/rapper recently revealed that his brother died on February 5th of this year following a lengthy unknown illness. One man took it upon himself to blame T-Pain for his brother’s death because he didn’t pay his hospital bills. The “Buy U A Drank” singer found the assumption offensive and fired off a response letting the man know that he spent $2.2 million of his own money to cover his brother’s hospital bills and yet he still died.

“After I paid 2.2 million dollars to the hospital and he told me if I would have paid more money then my brother would still be alive,” T-Pain said. “Money doesn’t fix everything. You are putting too much power into money.”

“If money could fix stuff like all of my family would be alive my grandma, my great grandma,” T-Pain added. “What are you talking about? If I could just throw money at a health issue and it would be fixed everybody would be alive. We would live forever.”

Last year, T-Pain revealed that his brother was ill and was hospitalized with a $1,402,977 hospital bill. The rapper is now explaining that he ended up spending almost twice that amount.

Pain said that his brother was out of the hospital when he fell and hit his head at his mother’s house. He later died from his head injury.