Dancehall Artiste Yanique Curvy Diva Says Her Booty Is 100% Real and Feel Really Good

Yanique Curvy Diva says her booty is one hundred percent real.

For years she has been rumored to have done booty and boob implants, but now Yanique Curvy Diva is saying that her ample ass-sets are real. The dancehall artiste recently posted a clip on Instagram giving us a glimpse of what she is working with. It’s always a joy seeing the former Magnum King and Queens host show off her stuff on the Gram. But she regularly gets hate mails from trolls in her comments.

“PSA it’s real, it grows and it can lose weight it feels really good to squeeze and slap but please nuh slap mi suh hot and with carnival coming up where I’ll be wearing less clothes and turning up 10 times more duh tek time,” Curvy Diva wrote.

Her followers reacted with mixed reactions in her comments. “What else this creature had to offer. Darm how about being a little classy some times. Look at Ms. Kitty take a page from her book,” one fan wrote.

Another fan said, “Yanique is Yanique and ms kitty is ms kitty stop comparing both ladies, Yanique is beautiful in her own right, stood hate and appreciate. The world would be a much better place if we stop fighting down our own people.”