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YBN Almighty Jay Speak On NY Robbery “I Knew It Was My Fault”

YBN Almighty Jay is accepting full responsibility for his recent robbery in New York City.

The Louisiana rapper was attacked and beaten by a group of men who took his Rap-A-Lot chain, shoe, and cash. In a new interview with Genius, YBN Almighty Jay says he immediately knew he was at fault because he was parading around New York with no security. The rapper was far from home, so perhaps he believed that he was safe, but apparently, he wasn’t. The attack earned him 300 stitches to close an open wound on his face.

“I knew it was my fault,” the rapper said. “I didn’t have no security. I was tripping.” Thankfully, Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince, who is well connected in the hip hop community, sent out a message for his people in New York to help get YBN’s chain back and he did.

YBN Almighty Jay said he decided to turn a loss into a win and shoot a music video with the stitches in his face. He did just that, and it worked since the publicity surrounding the robbery helped drew attention to his new music. In the end, he said he just laugh about it and go on about his business.