Buju Banton Drops New Song “False Pretense” With Sons Markus & Jahazeil

Buju Banton

Buju Banton’s first post-prison song is titled “False Pretense.”

The Gargamel teams up with two of his talented sons, Markus and Jahazeil, for the first official single since his release from prison. A lot has been going on inside Buju Banton‘s camp following a fight with his son Markus Myrie, just days before the inaugural concert for his “Long Walk To Freedom Tour.” The show was a massive success and has been hailed as one of the best live concerts in Jamaica in decades. More than 30,000 fans converged on the National Stadium in Kingston to see the Grammy-winning reggae singer and friends performed.

Buju Banton has been hitting the studio all while he prepared for his extended tour of the Caribbean and Europe. From the sound of it, the Gargamel still got it. “False Pretense” was produced by Markus, who previewed the track on Instagram last week.

“This song came about from a conversation, it created a vibe, and the vibe created the music. False Pretense is about an ongoing “norm” for Jamaica’s political atmosphere that has over the years continued to spill over on the citizens of the country,” Markus said.

The producer added, “The message that should be received is that as a country we need governance that the average person living here can feel. As a people, we have been silent about a lot of mismanagement. It’s time we rid the “7 day talks” and start taking action as a people. They say we have democracy, but what we feel is dictatorship. Every party prioritizes their own benefits and not the people’s needs. In my opinion this song serves as a wake up call.”

“False Pretense” is currently available on all major streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube. You can listen to the track below and leave your feedback.