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Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang Member JackBoy Released From Jail

Kodak Black’s associate JackBoy has been released from jail.

JackBoy broke the news on IG this weekend that he is now a free man. The Sniper Gang rapper has been behind bars in a Palm Beach County Jail since August last year. He was booked just a day after he was released from jail. At the time, he posted his own mugshot on his Instagram page while letting his fans know the struggles he has been enduring in jail. “I just did 12 months in jail but spent almost the whole time in solitary confinement with no human interaction,” he wrote back then.

In a previous interview with WTVR, JackBoy says that he was confident that he was going to beat the charges against him. “I’m confident I’m going to beat it, because it’s not even a charge it’s just a probation violation,” he said.

JackBoy is signed to Kodak Black‘s Sniper Gang label and is famous for singles like “B*tch I’m Up” and “G to the A.”