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Fetty Wap Confronts Angry Fans Who Yelled “F*** Fetty” At Spring Break Show

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap had a running with some angry fans who confronted him at a Spring Break show.

Fetty Wap performed at a Spring Break event in South Padre, Texas and apparently, some fans weren’t happy about his set. After the show, some of the partygoers spotted the Paterson rapper and yelled “f*** Fetty” so he walked over to them to confront them about it. “You ripped us off I spent 40 bucks,” one fan yelled while another said, “Fetty am happy you came bro.”

At that point, Fetty Wap turned around with his crew and walked over to the guy who complained about his $40. The rapper dipped into his pocket and took out a stash of cash and tossed some of it at the guy who was complaining. Other partygoers could be heard yelling “We love you Fetty” while a female told him “don’t even worry about it.”

We’re told that Fetty did perform at the event and left the stage at the end of his set like most artists do. It’s unclear if he performed for a shorter period than he was billed. Nevertheless, the rapper did take the stage and performed a well-received set. Perhaps some concertgoers wanted more because he was that good.

After all, it’s spring break, so maybe some drunk college students just didn’t want the party to end. You could’ve seen in the video that security was tight to prevent an all-out brawl. You could also understand why the incident angered Fetty Wap who probably should’ve just walked away.

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TSR STAFF: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ #FettyWap wasn’t playing any games with fans who claimed that they were ripped off. Fetty performed for a group of college students who were on Spring Break in South Padre, Texas, and it’s safe to say that the students wanted more from Fetty. _____________________________________ Some yelled “F**k Fetty”, and “F**k your set” at him, leading him to go right up to the students and confront them. Apparently the students are mad that he “left the stage bro”, and that “you ripped us off I paid $40 bucks”. Well, Fetty threw some money at the fans who were mad about his lil $40. _____________________________________ Fetty did perform and left the stage after his performance, so this may very well just be a case of alleged drunk spring breakers who weren’t ready to stop singing along. ?: @reamosely

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