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Lil Wayne Says Checks Over Stripes, Strong Support For Drake?

Lil Wayne and Drake

Lil Wayne is checks over stripes.

While he didn’t specifically mention Drake in his statement, Lil Wayne is clearly Nike over Adidas. In a recent interview called “The Bambu Room” with Barbados rum company Bambu, Weezy was asked which sportswear brand he prefers, Nike or Adidas. He was also asked to choose between a bunch of famous people like Michael Jackson and Prince.

In his response, Lil Wayne says he has been rocking with Nike since he was a kid and things haven’t changed since then. It would’ve been interesting if he had said Adidas, given Drake‘s famous line on “Sicko Mode” where he raps “checks over stripes.” Of course, Kanye West took it as a shot towards him and his Yeezy brand.

“I’m rocking with Nike, I’ve been rocking with Nike since a kid,” Weezy said. “Only because the check was a little harder to draw in class, when you was a kid. So I mean, if you’re about to draw some shoes and you draw some shoes with Three Stripes on them, that’s cool. And you know, that’s cool, the girls like that, that, ‘oh, he drew some shells [Superstars],’ but if you come back with that Nike, and you draw that Nike, that same girl is going to want you to draw that on her folder. The cover of her folder for class, that whole year.”

Watch the interview below.