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Kodak Black Says His Cousin Lil Soto Locked Up With YNW Melly

Kodak Black

Kodak Black says his cousin-in-law Lil Soto is locked up with YNW Melly in the same prison.

The “Tunnel Vision” rapper shared a photo on Instagram of Lil Soto and YNW Melly in prison, and now everyone is wondering how did they get a cellphone in there. Nevertheless, if you get caught with a phone in jail, your heading straight to solitary confinement at the very least and you could also get a stiffer sentence. Melly is held without bond but is still hoping that a judge will cut him some slack at his next court hearing.

“Free cuh law Lil Soto in that thing with Melvin,” Kodak Black wrote. A growing number of Florida natives are showing YNW Melly support while calling for his freedom.

The Florida rapper was arrested and charged with double murder for allegedly murdering his two friends in October of last year. Authorities say he, and another of his associates, drove around the block with their dead friends in the car before dropping them off at a hospital and concocted a story about a drive-by shooting.

Lil Soto is accused of murdering three people, and he too is held without bond. If the two men are found guilty of their crimes, they could be sentenced to life.

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