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Rapper OG Maco Shares Graphic Video Of Battle With Flesh Eating Disease

OG Maco disease

Keep OG Maco in your prayers as he fights for his life.

Young rapper OG Maco shares a graphic video detailing his battle with a devastating flesh-eating disease. It’s been a good minute we haven’t heard anything from Maco on the musical side of things, and now he is explaining his absence from rap. He revealed to us that two years after he survived a severe car crash, he contracted a very rare flesh-eating disease. In light of his unfortunate situation, Maco managed to maintain a positive outlook on life.

“So much healing has occurred thanks to God and my doctors that I’m willing to show all a fraction of what I’ve been going through,” the Atlanta rapper wrote. OG Maco added that he went to the doctor to receive treatment for what he thought was a minor rash but then ended up with a skin eating disease.

What you see in the videos below, he said, is the best his skin looked in the months of treatment he has been getting. OG Maco added that his skin condition has metastisized significantly over a three-month period of time and to make matters worse, all of his loved ones abandoned him in the time that he needed them the most, so he lost faith and trust in everyone.

Let’s all keep OG Maco in our prayers and wish him a speedy recovery so that he can get back to what he does, rapping.