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Bobby Shmurda Scoff At Tekashi 6ix9ine For Snitching

Tekashi69 Bobby Shmurda

Don’t expect anymore Bobby Shmurda and Tekashi69 collaboration.

In the heights of their rumored beef, Bobby Shmurda and Tekashi 6ix9ine dropped a surprising collaboration that shook the industry. Fast forward a year and 69 is now a government informant who is snitching on everyone from his Treyway crew including some guys he confessed to paying money to shoot at Chief Keef. We all already knew that it would be career suicide for any rapper to become a snitch when they get into trouble, but for 6ix9ine it’s a matter of life and death versus snitch and gets little to no jail time, then disappear.

In a new interview with DJ VLAD from behind bars, Bobby Shmurda was asked if he would do another collaboration with Tekashi69, and his response was a big, “hell mother****ing no!”

Shmurda and 69 previously worked together on the single “STOOPID” which became an instant hit last year. There were some rumors floating around claiming that the two New York rappers are beefing over turf, but then they dropped that track and pretty much wiped clean any talks of beef.

There is a good chance that both Bobby Shmurda and Tekashi69 might be free at the same time, but don’t expect any collaboration or for them to be on speaking terms, based on the “Hot Ni**a” rapper’s response. Shmurda release date is set for 2020.