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Tyga Is A Wanted Man After Warrant Issued For His Arrest


Tyga is now a wanted man.

There is a warrant out for the arrest of the “Taste” rapper after he failed to appear in court for a case involving an injured fan. A bench warrant was issued because he has yet to pay money owed to the concertgoer who was severely injured at one of his concerts six years ago, TMZ reported. A judge ruled that Tyga was properly served legal documents to appear in court but still failed to show up.

The rapper’s bail is currently set at $250,000, which shouldn’t be a problem for him to make. Back in 2013, Tyga’s music company was sued by Shyanne Riekena after she got injured at one of his shows when a light stand fell on her head giving his a large open wound.

She sued the company and ultimately won a default judgment against it. Missing the payment and the court hearing is now causing more legal headaches for Tyga, who also has plenty of other legal issues to deal with including one involving a repo man.