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Alkaline Links With Black Shadow On New Song “Eva High”

Alkaline Eva High

Alkaline links up with Black Shadow on his new single “Eva High.”

The new dancehall banger was produced by Troyton Rami Music, and we’re told that a music video is currently in the works for the single. Alkaline unleashed his signature flow over a bouncy dancehall beat while weaving content aimed straight at weed smokers. “Black Shadow how we cope, chop it up laugh and joke, go through tribulations but we never lose hope, no in a life it no clean fi make the most, find your happiness and live it up like you’re suppose, weed a the remedy give me another dose,” Alka spits.

Alkaline and Black Shadow previously teamed up on the single “Black Heart” which has been doing very well since it was released in January. The Vendetta hitmaker also has a couple of other new singles bubbling on the airwaves including “Never Lose Hope” and “Juggernaut.”