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XXXTentacion’s Mom Posted First Full Photo Of His Baby Boy Gekyume Onfroy

XXXTentacion baby Gekyume

XXXTentacion’s son Gekyume is now one month old and looking adorable.

The late rapper’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, posted a full photo of the baby boy on Instagram for the first time. XXXTentacion‘s fans have been reacting to the photo with mixed reactions given that he died months before his first child entered the world. Cleopatra has teased pictures of the toddler in the past as she tries to maintain a balance of privacy and giving his fans what they want. The photo was shared on both her private Instagram page and XXXTentacion’s official page.

Cleo previously told fans what the meaning is behind her grandchild’s unusual name. “Gekyume’s name is derived from a word X created prior to his passing, which means ‘a different state’ or ‘next’ universe of thought,” she said in a statement released last month. “XXXTentacion specifically chose this name for his first born son; his family is honored to fulfill his wish and shower baby Gekyume with love.”

There are also some rumors that XXXTentacion had written a song for his then-unborn child, but there is no word yet on whether or not he got around to record the single.