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Elephant Man Home Searched By Cops For Illegal Gun

Elephant Man dancehall

Elephant Man home was searched by police officers looking for an illegal gun.

The dancehall legend has been under investigation since last month when a video went viral on social media showing a female playing with a gun before handing it off to a man resembling Elephant Man. The Energy God has denied any wrongdoing and says someone is trying to frame up. The story took an interesting turn when a second video surfaced showing another in place of Ele. His attorney says the clip may have been doctored.

Elephant Man attorney, Christopher Townsend, has since confirmed that his home was searched by police officers who turned up with a search warrant. We’re told that they didn’t find anything criminal at the deejay’s residence, but the case is still open.

Townsend added that he anticipated that the case would be closed because cops have nothing to charge Elephant Man with nor can they come up with the alleged illegal gun.

Elephant Man put his beef with Beenie Man on pause to drop some new music. The deejay released his new music video “Capital P” last week. Watch it below.