Chilli Says Usher Is Her Soulmate But Humans Keep Getting In The Way


Chilli is still in love with Usher.

The TLC singer and Usher used to date back in the day, but she is clearly still digging him. Chilli posted a cryptic message on Instagram and tagged the R&B icon in it. “Our souls are so in love but our humans keep getting in the way,” the quote from Zack Grey reads. Her fans quickly noticed that she tagged Usher to the post but then removed it when it went viral.

“Dumb humans #soulmates super rare to find one…but consider yourself lucky if u haven’t,” she continues.

Fans of the two singers are in full support of them rekindling their romance. “I felt this for the souls its effortless but this flesh though, Usher go get your girl,” one fan wrote while another added, “OMG I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt her and usher should’ve stayed together #my2favs.”