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Kamala Harris Links Jamaican Roots To Evolving Views On Marijuana Legalization

Kamala Harris

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris attributes her strong Jamaican roots to her evolving views on marijuana legalization.

United States senator Kamala Harris recently announced her bid for President, but now she is coming under fire for being honest about her history with marijuana and how she now supports legalizing the substance that sent so many people to prison. In a sit down with The Breakfast Club on Monday, Charlamagne Tha God asked her if the reports are accurate that she opposed the legalization of marijuana.

Senator Kamala Harris told the New York radio host that half of her family are Jamaicans and they would be disappointed in her if she doesn’t support legalizing ganja. “Look, I joke about it, I have joked about it. Half my family is from Jamaica, are you kidding me?” she said.

She also got very candid about smoking marijuana in the past and said that she remembers very clearly the feeling of getting high. At that moment, Charlamagne, who is known to be highly critical, commended her for her honesty. Nevertheless, her honesty about her recreational ganja usage angered some folks on social media who labeled her hypocritical for sending people to prison for marijuana while she was a prosecutor and Attorney General in California.

Back in 2014, while running for re-election for California attorney general, she wasn’t in support of legalizing recreational use of the plant, but it’s good that she has evolved on the issue and we can thank her Jamaican relatives for influencing her changing opinion.

Smoking weed wasn’t the only admission Kamala Harris made in the interview. We also learned that she use to listen to Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg music in the years before they released albums.

“How high did @KamalaHarris get while smoking weed in college? High enough to claim she listened to Tupac and @SnoopDogg as a student, though their debuts came after she graduated college (’86) and law school (’89). As with her former position on legalization, she’s scamming,” Nick wrote on Twitter.