Mavado and Alkaline Says MVP “Me Alright” New Video

Alkaline and Mavado We Alright

Alkaline made a cameo in Mavado’s new video “Me Alright.”

Had Jahmiel appeared in the video it would’ve been a full MVP link up in Mavado’s new video “Me Alright.” The track is featured on JA Productions new project Time Machine Riddim which also features songs from Jahmiel and the Manhimself. The cut features the Gullyside singjay speeding down the freeway in his Ferrari while federal agents chased after him.

The Gad had Justus Arison waiting on him on the dock in a boat so he quickly ditched the supercar and head for the waters of Miami Beach. They then link up with Alkaline who has been partying with some banging ladies on a yacht. Watch the video below.