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Elephant Man Says Someone Trying To Frame Him In Gun Video

Elephant Man dancehall

Elephant Man says someone is trying to frame him in the viral gun video.

The dancehall icon, whose real name is O’Neil Bryan, is scheduled to meet with police officers today with his lawyer, Christopher Townsend, who has been adamant that the deejay is innocent. The controversial video in question has been making the rounds on social media. It shows a female wearing a bathing suit who appears to be drunk playing with what seems to be a handgun before handing it to a man resembling Elephant Man.

Townsend said that he had his own experts examined the Elephant Man video and it shows two different heads. This latest move significantly weakens the police case who were adamant that the dancehall star doesn’t have a license for a firearm.

“Things that appear in social media are not necessarily as they appear,” Townsend said. “It could be photoshopped, spliced and all kinds of things can happen. Now we don’t know which video was doctored. I had my own expert examine the Elephant Man video and there were two heads in that one.”

Here are the two videos.