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Tory Lanez Went HAM On Don Q In New Diss Track “Don Queen”

Tory Lanez went HAM entirely on Don Q in a new diss track “Don Queen.”

After issuing a challenge to the entire rap community on Twitter, one rapper stepped up and answer Tory Lanez. Q subsequently dropped a diss track titled “I’m Not Joyner” where he made references to Joyner Lucas who previously beefed with Lanez and lost. The singer/rapper has now clapped back with his own diss track calling Don Q, whose real name is Le’Quincy Anderson, Don Queen.

The gritty five-minute diss track saw Tory Lanez comparing Q to fellow New York rapper A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. “How did I get in this battle with A Boogie’s shadow? / How could I beef with a dude only popping in four cities?” Lanez raps.

“Forever hated on ni**as like Boogie and me / ‘Cause we was poppin’ in New York and every hood that you see / The day you beat me will be the day you see see / HOT 97 feedin’ you more lovin’ than they feed me / Don’t let these ni**as gas you on that podcast and CC,” Lanez continues.

Tory Lanez clearly comes back with a vengeance and is hungry for some real challenge, so it’s now up to the man himself Don Q who stepped up to the table in the first place. Twitter is already calling this a flawless victory, so can Don Q come back from this one?