R. Kelly Chicago Prosecutor Opens Investigation Ask Victims To Come Forward

R. Kelly

R. Kelly is facing some real pressure from all angles.

Chicago prosecutors have opened a probe into R. Kelly‘s sexual abuse allegations and are asking victims to step forward with information. The latest development in the case against the R&B legend comes the same day that we learned that there is an active investigation in Georgia. TMZ reported that State Attorney Kim Foxx is urging victims to “Please come forward.”

Foxx is also a victim of sexual assault, so she is taking this case very seriously and wants to help the victims. She is urging families of R. Kelly victims to contact her office with information. She added that the Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” helped influenced her after watching it.

Foxx noted that the State Attorney’s Office has not yet launched a formal investigation, but will if and when victims come forward. Since making the announcement, victims and families have been calling in with information, so it’s only a matter of time before a formal investigation is opened.

Anyone with information about R. Kelly sexual misconduct is urged to called (773) 674-6492.