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Tommy Lee Sparta Lawyer Grilled Police Officer About Evidence

Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta’s attorney grilled a senior police officer about the controversial computer evidence.

Tommy Lee Sparta is back in the Home Circuit Court for his lottery scam case. The trial was adjourned last month because the judge was unavailable, however, it was resumed on Wednesday when the dancehall deejay’s attorney Ernest Smith got a chance to cross-examined Detective Corporal Campbell. The Detective told the court last month that he uncovered a mountain of evidence on a laptop linking the dancehall star to the infamous lottery scam.

Under cross-examination by Smith, Campbell revealed that the computer was not protected by a password which means anyone could’ve gained access to it. “Did any require a password for access?” Smith asked the senior cop who responded saying, “No sir.”

“Anyone could alter, delete or do as they please with the information on the hard drive?” the defense attorney continues to which the cop replied, “That is correct.”

“Would you agree with me that in the absence of passwords for these computers, anyone who comes in possession, would be able to remove, delete, alter or introduce material to the computers?” Smith asked to which DC Campbell answered, “No sir.”

Smith also asked Campbell if he received any overseas training and the cop said he did receive training from foreign personnel conducted in Jamaica.