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Nipsey Hussle Nightclub Brawl A Case Of Mistaken Identity Involving O.T. Genasis

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle almost loses his life because someone thinks he is O.T. Genasis.

The Crenshaw rapper got into a brawl outside of the Nightingale nightclub on Monday night. TMZ published the video yesterday showing the massive melee outside the venue, and now we are learning that Nipsey Hussle wasn’t even the man who his attacker was after. The man who confronted the Victory Lap rapper reportedly got into a fight with O.T. Genasis inside the club that same night.

OT was wearing a plaid shirt similar to the one that Nipsey was wearing so when the man saw Nip outside the club later that night, he confronted him, and all hell broke loose. The whole thing seems violent as punches and kicks were being thrown. You can also see partygoers and some of the valet personnel running away from the fight scene.

Nipsey Hussle’s baby mama Lauren London was there, but thankfully someone got her to safety. A second altercation ensued when another unidentified confronted another person in front of the club. It’s unclear if the second fight is related to the one involving Nipsey Hussle.

You can also see in the video below where O.T. Genasis threw a punch at the unidentified man.