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Diddy Asked Fans For Players “Money Can’t Stop The Pain”

Diddy is reaching out to his fans for prayers because he is hurting and money can’t stop the pain.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has been going through a rough time ever since he lost the most of three of his children, model Kim Porter. The hip-hop mogul has now assumed the role of a single parent raising the twin girls he had with Porter, who died last month leaving behind four kids, three of whom are for Diddy.

It appears the ordeal is weighing down heavy on Combs who is now reaching out to his fans thanking them for their support while asking them to pray for her.

“Me talking to my self through the grace of God,” he wrote on Instagram. “Help me. Help me. God please help me! Please pray for me cause money can’t stop the pain. Only you can God. Only prayers can help me God please help us. If I didn’t need the prayers I wouldn’t ask. Prayer works. Thank you so much. Thank you.”

Diddy is clearly going through a lot and all of us need to help him and support him for the culture.

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