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Offset Mistress Summer Bunni Teared Up Apologizing To Cardi B

Cardi B and Offset mistress Summer Bunni

Offset’s mistress Summer Bunni shed some tears as she apologizes to Cardi B for her role in their breakup.

Cuban Doll was the first female to be fingered in the Offset cheating scandal that leads to his breakup with Cardi B. The Invasion of Privacy rapper made the revelation on Instagram on Tuesday night that she is no longer with her baby daddy. Cuban Doll has since distanced herself from the scandal and now another female, Summer Bunni, who Offset allegedly wanted to have a none Cardi B three “something” with his alleged mistresses.

Speaking with TMZ, Bunni apologized to Cardi B for her role in ruining her marriage and got emotional while speaking on ashamed she feels. “I have not messed with Offset since he had his baby,” she said. “I didn’t know how serious this marriage was… I kind of read and I kind of seen things, but it took until today for me to see everything.”

Summer Bunni says she feels ashamed of the role she played and hope that Cardi B and Offset can work things out and get back together. This is not the first cheating scandal to rock the couple but let’s see if they can survive this one since it’s the biggest of them all.

On a more lighter note, Cardi B posted the first photo of her baby girl Kulture on the Gram today, and she is melting all our hearts. Sources say the Bronx rapper has been having a rough week ever since she found out about the cheating allegations.