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Lil Pump Arrested In Denmark Forced To Cancel Concert

Lil Pump detained

Lil Pump found himself in some trouble with the law in Denmark and forced to cancel his concert.

Lil Pump seems to be a magnet for police as the young rapper found himself in a running with law enforcement overseas. TMZ reported that Pump was detained for taunting police officers in Copenhagen, Denmark on Tuesday, forcing him to cancel a concert in Finland. It’s unclear the exact reason why he was arrested, but cops lock down both Pump and his crew members.

Despite getting detained and some possible lost earnings, Lil Pump seems unbothered. The young rapper posted a video on his Instagram story on Tuesday where he is making light of what went down. Perhaps he is of the view that his latest arrest will earn him some street creds, but it will almost certainly not.

Given that he is getting some free press, it will most definitely bring some attention to his brand and his music. In another clip he posted, you can see him at the police station.