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50 Cent Says New Year’s Day Concert In Paris Is FAKE

50 Cent

50 Cent says an upcoming New Year’s Day concert in Paris is totally fake.

The G-Unit rapper is fighting back against what he calls “fake promotion” and is warning fans not to purchase tickets for the event. Over the last couple of weeks, a promoter in Paris has been advertising a concert set for the French capital on January 1, 2019. 50 Cent is billed as the headline act for the concert, but the problem is no one booked the rap legend for any show in that city for that date.

“I’m not going a show in Paris Jan. 1 2019,” Fifty said in a post on Instagram. “Fake Promotion. Do not buy tickets.” 50 Cent wrote the message in all caps to emphasize how important it is for his fans to take heed. “I hate to see people who support me getting beat out of their money,” he added.

The social media page for the fake concert received thousands of likes which means that thousands of fans may have already bought tickets for the show. 50 Cent may not be performing in France to ring in the New Year, but that doesn’t mean he might not be performing or hosting parties somewhere else. There are rumors that he has a big club event in New York City set for New Year’s Eve. Stay tuned, we will update you with the details of that planned event.