Dancehall Disc Jockey Crazy Chris & Stylist Arrested In US For Cocaine Trafficking

Crazy Chris and Keshon Hawthorne

Dancehall disc jockey Crazy Chris and stylist Keshon Hawthorne were arrested in the US on cocaine trafficking charges.

The two popular dancehall personalities were both arrested in separate incidents that took place two days apart. Crazy Chris, whose real name is Christopher Samuels, was arrested last week Tuesday in Charlotte, NC. The Montego Bay-based disc jockey/promoter was detained by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department when a quantity of cocaine was found in his luggage upon inspection by law enforcement agents.

Two days prior, dancehall stylist Keshon Hawthorne was arrested at the said Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina just shortly after arriving on a flight from Montego Bay. He is also being accused of trying to smuggle cocaine in his luggage.

According to reports, Crazy Chris was found with six pounds of cocaine in his luggage that carries an estimated street value of US$90,000. Both men are currently behind bars in Charlotte and have been charged with drug trafficking. Samuels was charged with two counts of trafficking cocaine and one count of intent to sell and distribute cocaine. If found guilty, they could be sent to prison for up to ten years.

Dancehall artists Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett, who Hawthorne works for as a stylist, says she is in disbelief over his arrest for drug trafficking. “Keshon is not one to ignore phone calls, and when I did not receive a call back I thought that something was seriously wrong with him,” she said. “I was more in the frame of mind that he was ill or worse, hospitalized.”