Popular Dancehall Dancer Dog Rice Killed In Car Crash

Samantha Dog Rice Herle

Famous dancehall dancer Samantha ‘Dog Rice’ Herle died in a car crash last week.

Samantha Herle, more popularly known inside dancehall circles as Dog Rice, died in car accident on the Dolphin Cove main road in St Ann on Saturday (November 4th). Details of the crash are still sketchy, but sources say she was the passenger in a car that was being driven by a male who lost control on the highway. The vehicle careened off the road and slammed into an embankment.

Herle was ejected from the car and died while undergoing treatment at a local hospital. The driver walked away from the crash with only minor scratches. Dancehall deejay, Ganggoolie, who knew Dog Rice well, weighed in on her tragic death.

“This very sad, I got the bad news that she passed off,” Ganggoolie said. “Condolences go out to family and friends. If a selector go dance and no talk about Dog Rice, dem nah gwaan wid nothing. From St Ann, Trelawny back dah side deh, ah she govern dah side deh. She was going to buss big, she lock down social media.”

Dog Rice is the second dancehall personality to have lost their lives to a car crash in recent weeks. Dancehall artist Massop Di General died in a car accident in Florida earlier this month.